Monday, August 26, 2013

Advanced Graph Art is now up on Amazon.Com!

Get your purchase orders ready! My new book is already up on! And it's already on SALE too!! List price is $16.99 and Amazon has it reduced to $15.18. (not sure what the 18 cents is all about)

Click the picture above to purchase the teacher edition and here to purchase the student edition.

Also, as I previously blogged, many teachers will want to use the instructional sections for whole-class teaching on Smart board or projector. To make this process more engaging, I'd recommend purchasing the complete Teacher's Edition eBook, just listed in my TpT store by clicking here.

Eventually I'll get the stand-alone chapters 5 & 6 on TpT as well. Right now, I'm stuck at work away from my files... and I have a full basement and stairs of carpet to wet vac in order to prep my house for selling!?!? And yes, it is 95 degrees out by the way, with a heat index of 110. My poor husband just texted me that it is 85 degrees and extremely humid inside our house, so the boys are all going out to dinner. So maybe the carpets won't get done tonight. Or I might just melt like the wicked witch.

Enjoy your first few weeks back! And here's another shameless plug to buy my book!!!


Friday, August 23, 2013

Advanced Graph Art for Grades 6-8 & Student Edition now available!


Happy Fall everyone! I hope your back-to-school prep has been rejuvenating and not to stressful. I have been slowly transitioning into my new role as a tech integration coordinator all summer, which is bittersweet, but also really exciting. In addition to work changes, we also successfully resurfaced and repainted the deck, and redecorated two bathrooms. Summer went by in the blink of an eye, as usual. 

Good news for you all, as you head back to your classroom, is that you have a glut of new fun math activities available in my new book! The first edition contained 25 puzzles to walk your students through the basics, with a taste of transformation challenge. The new second edition (click either picture above) will take your students' skills to a much higher level of understanding in the area of coordinate plane geometry. 

Both books are available for purchase now on Rest assured, the listings will be up in a week or so for schools who require purchase orders for online curriculum orders. You can also purchase the first 4 chapters on TpT. I will be posting the last two chapters, as well as the full book, hopefully on Sunday this week if you are itching to get your hands on a digital copy. The really nice thing about having both the hard copy edition and the digital copy is that the digital keys and instructional segments are full-color. It makes instruction on a Smart Board or projector really come alive. So buy both!! :o) 

Stay tuned for updates. I will post as soon as I can with more info about the new TpT listings and when is up to purchase. Enjoy your first few weeks back!

Here are the listings:

Teacher Edition: 

Student Edition:

-Zombie Out

Monday, August 5, 2013

Advanced Coordinate Graph Art: Sections now available on TpT

Happy August! Where did the summer go??

I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to my wonderful editors who have gone through sections 1-4 with a fine-toothed comb, offering lots of helpful suggestions and (gasp!) even catching a few typos.

While I still have Section 5 and Section 6 to write, I am happy to announce that Sections 1-4 are now available on TpT! Each is listed at $2.99, same as my previous book. 

I am hoping to finish the rest of the book in the next two weeks before heading back to work. Or it's not going to get done. Send good vibes my way! 

Click here for my TpT store front.

Each section contains preview images as well as a preview section that you can download and try out. If you are liking all of the sections, you may want to hold off purchasing as it will be cheaper to buy the eBook at $14.99 than 6 sections at $2.99. 

Meanwhile, here are some fun free samples to keep you occupied. Remind me to try not to give away the entire book before it even goes to print ;)