Monday, August 29, 2011

Zombie apologies

I have a confession and an apology for my zombie followers.

The two travel mugs of coffee did not cure my zombie state this morning. We all laugh and sigh and complain about students on the first day back to school, and how tired and out of it they are, but look at US! We are no better. After staying up to watch "Up" with the kids, dinking around on the computer doing marketing junk until after midnight, and then waking up to skunky dog farts at 6:34 this morning, I was lucky to get to work only two minutes late. D'Oh! Already busted one of my New Year's resolutions.

Luckily I saved many zombie-approved tasks for the day, allowing me to listen to the Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire on my crackberry, including but not limited to:

-drawing pretty lines on the back whiteboard for new homework checklists and word walls

-staple pulling of my absolutely destroyed old word wall

-labeling of name sticks for calculator checkout
(i WILL not lose any this year, i WILL NOT lose any!!!)

-labeling of name sticks for random calling on students
(i WILL actually draw names after the first week!)

-labeling and sorting of file folder tabs for kids to have a dumping place

-filling out my brand new school planner book for 2011
(i WILL actually write down lessons, i WILL!)

-staring off into space at the beautiful straight rows of soybeans growing on the farm just past the building (I do this every year, it's calming and there are always new and odd things in the fields each day, like snow-mobilers, random dogs without their owners, and occasionally STUDENTS.)

I hereby pledge to be a crazy productive "chase you down the hall" kind of zombie tomorrow, not the half-dead, dragging one limp foot behind the other kind. So I am off to bed! Wish me luck!

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