Sunday, September 18, 2011

9-19-11: Official Website Launch
Holy techno babble, Zombie Bat Woman! You have a website? 


After putzing around sending emails from my Yahoo! account to various local teachers and not making very many sales on my book (5 to be exact, and at least 2 of which came from close friends), I realized that I needed to get legit. Too legit to quit.

So I sucked it up, spent $10 on a domain name from (yes, I know, go ahead and snicker) and purchased a software hosting package with 1000's of templates. And boy oh boy, is this junk easy to use!!! The hope now is that I can help my hubby to get his own eBiz site up and running, thus saving on a zillion eBay fees. 

(Insert shameless plug here:)

In the mean while, I need to download the Mobile site app, research the insanity of starting a classroom or facebook blog, check into Hoobble to see how that mobile homework app is coming along, and FIGURE OUT HOW TO SKYPE!!! 

My poor sister is all alone on the east coast, teaching Freshman English 101 at UMass/Amherst... and I have hardly been able to talk to her except on Facebook and LinkedIn. As tech savvy as my family is, even I feel like a shmuck. Hang in there Ashley, I'll get there soon :o)  Miss you honey!

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