Sunday, September 4, 2011

Reduced price of $10.79 on!

In vain repetitive zombie mode, I logged into to search for my book, as I do every few days just to see what comes up. How odd to find that I now have three resellers listing my book and the price has been pushed down to $10.79!! I don't think any of them have actually bought a copy, but it looks cool anyway.

Click the Amazon link on the right and buy yourself a copy. While you're at it, buy me the Hunger Games poster with the giant flaming Mockingjay on it... and then you'll be at $25 super-saver shipping! My school walls are in dire need of some new posters now that all the Spanish-language ones are gone. Is it wrong that I love reading young adult fiction so much?

On the one hand, it's very disturbing to know what is "acceptable" reading content for 13-year olds, with the blood and guts and moral dilemmas. On the other hand, this genre is quick and easy to read, with innocent first loves, coming of age, and often powerful teenage heroines. Sounds an awful lot like Jane Austen novels... I guess it's time to tackle Pride & Prejudice & Zombies when my next Audible credit comes out.

(It's about zombies, duh! what a no-brainer)

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