Thursday, September 8, 2011

Technology in and out of the classroom

Welcome to my 21st century classroom. We are fast paced, high energy, tech savvy zombie information junkies, making math come alive. Here's a snap shot of class on a typical day.

Warm-ups and homework correcting on the Smart board. Write on top of the problems with electronic smart pens and save the "ink" layer for later classes. Freeze the screen while taking attendance so they can keep working. (saves 1-2 minutes)

Open to lesson 1.3 in your book, oh wait! You don't have to! The e-version of the book is on the Smart board. Follow along. Take notes as we read. I will be writing with the timed erasing ink that disappears 10 seconds after written. 

Missed the notes for a band lesson? Check out the study guide on Mrs. Bellm's website. The key is also provided, so you can see if you're on the right track.

Time for a math lab, bring your cell phones outside so we can use the timer app to track our walking rates. Make a short video of the process because Student X has such a funny speed walk. Bring the students to the computer lab to teach them how to enter their lab data into an exel spreadsheet and then use the graph feature to make it come alive. Save to your student drive in the mobile student file cloud (where any teacher, but only that student, can see it).  

Were you absent today? Check out the homework list on Bellm's website or link to her teacher Facebook page to get homework help, class reminders and notices. Network with other students and/or chat or Skype so everyone is on the same page.

Forgot your homework at school? No problem! Print a copy of Mrs. Bellm's document page on the website.  Or do your homework on the computer and email it back to her! Terrible handwriting? Type it up and print it.

Text Mrs. Bellm when you get stuck on a problem, get help right away, move on with your life. Cell phone with unlimited texting capabilities has not yet gotten a crank text or phone call. They have figured out how easy it is to get caught.

Students come to class prepared the next day, questions answered (mostly). And if they are not prepared, they have absolutely, 100% NO excuses why it isn't done. It was on the whiteboard. It was on the website. It was provided during the lesson on the Smart board. Mrs. Bellm updated her website and Facebook with the current homework. You could have gotten a copy of the assignment in class or electronically instantly.

Parents want to check in? Read up on the weekly parent "messenger" emails with class updates, homework concepts for the week and general notices for the grade. Mom or Dad can email back right away or visit my website at the link provided, and check the online grading portal to track their students' progress. 

Need I continue? 
-Computerized MAP tests fall and spring give immediate feedback on progress.
-Students pick their own Accelerated Reader books and take computerized tests for course credit.
-Web quests are often assigned as homework with 30-60 minutes of game time on Mrs. Bellm's website
-Math MCA-II tests are fully computerized as of this year.
-Independent student math software has been implemented in a variety of settings for enrichment and remediation on the computer.

Heck, our SCHOOL even has a Facebook page and a Weather bug link too! We are digital, baby!

I could put up a comparison of what a typical class day was like when I was a middle schooler, but the highlight of our day back then was getting to sniff the whiteboard markers or write with a bright purple overhead marker during class. PATHETIC. Be happy, little students, you are living in a dream world.

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