Monday, November 21, 2011

Break time for zombie brains to reset

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a busy few weeks it has been. I've hardly had time to think, sleep, exercise or blog. Student apathy for note-taking and homework has increased exponentially as the holiday draws nearer. Part of that disinterest may have to do with the fact that we're studying rates and ratios; one of the most boring topics of the year. 

Here's crazy Mrs. Bellm, jumping up and down, singing and dancing "Criss Cross Multiply, Divide By the Lonely Guy", and writing "Very Important Notes: You NEED to copy this down"... and glazed eyes stare back at me in dead silence. You literally could hear a pin drop. That just doesn't happen in normal life. AAAAAAAHHHH!

Luckily there are only a few days left in the trimester, and a new unit on integers is upon us. Time to rest up, recharge, and NOT, under any circumstances, think about work. (Except for that mile-high stack of unit tests that need to be grade on my 14-hour road trip, and the subsequent grade slips that must be printed before students get back).

Before I sign off to finish my road trip packing, I'd like to take a few moments to think about the math that I will NOT be doing on my road trip. 

#1: Balancing my checkbook. There is no money in it. Haven't been paid for committee work from LAST YEAR. Haven't gotten my "step" for THIS year, or a new work contract, because shocking, the economy sucks. At least gas prices are going down!

#2: Calculating the rate of driving speed on the trip, and how it relates to the distance covered during each of the next two days. My daddy drives a bus, and is therefore obligated to NOT get any speeding tickets on the highway. And my hubby, who likes to speed, can't, because he recently got a ticket. So it will be a looooong drive. At least I'm not the one behind the wheel.

#3: Discovering how many calories are in any of the food items I consume, or worrying about how many steps I walk each day, or figuring out just how many ounces of adult beverages I've consumed. It's a vacation, for heavens sake. Although on Saturday I had two glasses of wine and was so tired that I fell asleep in my older son's bed when I put him down for the night, and subsequently woke up at midnight wondering how the heck I got there. Maybe reds aren't such a good idea.

#4: Keeping track of pounds gained. All the loose pants and sweats are packed, in anticipation of nummy eating and lots of sitting on the couch.

#5: Worrying about what time of day it is, since I won't have to set an alarm for 5 days!!! Hallelujah! I can nap if I want to, dang nabbit. Who is going to stop me??

#6: I will not be counting my lack of book sales for the month, since I've pretty much taken the month off from any grand advertising endeavors. Teaching and life are their own full-time and double-overtime jobs. So on that note, I'm too lazy to advertise. But go buy my books anyway. I'm also too lazy to copy the links into this blog. So go ahead and click on the buttons on the right all by yourself. 

And that's more than enough things to not be counting, to the point that I've started counting the things that I'm NOT COUNTING. So I'd better sign off, quit procrastinating on the packing, and GET TO BED!

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