Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Zombie

2012... end of the world? It has been rather warm so far.

Bad Zombie = tired and demotivated, scratching and biting and snapping at all near and far

Hungry Zombie = eating all the remaining chocolate in the house, then moving onto chocolate in teacher desk... where next chocolate? ARGH!! Mad zombie! All gone!

Zombie Teacher = lecturing on autopilot today and asking for the word for that smiley-face shape. Hand goes up... Parabola? Me says YES! How you remember? Kid says, you JUST said that like 2 minutes ago. Me say, really? When?

School full of Calendar Zombies = Is it Monday? or Tuesday? Who can tell. Tomorrow is Wednesday already? Team meeting? How did this happen? I guess because Monday was a total nothing day. Shopped in slow motion at Target for groceries and spent the last of my teacher gift cards. Zombie sad :o(

Coffee Zombie get very mad = Try to use Starbucks Coffee teacher gift card, Starbucks sign says Peppermint mocha! Overworked and zombie-slow worker says, NO PEPPERMINT LEFT!!! Zombie teacher gets angry and orders a hot chocolate instead. Starbucks coffee sucks anyway.

Math Zombie = spent 2 hours completing 2 math keys today. does it normally take that long? 75 or so problems? 120 minutes? Something is wrong here. Staring off into space and the white space on the computer, willing a negative of the American flag into existence.

Reader Zombie = HAPPY! Dust and Decay arrived this afternoon. Back to actual fictional Zombie land!!! (It's the sequel to Rot and Ruin which I've blogged about a few times now that's also awesome). What else can I do with a sick kid who is coughing out a lung, other than trying not to get sick again myself. I was going to let my student read it first but now I'm 100 pages in and minus well just finish it. Hmmm... too tired to think.

Zombie nap = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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