Sunday, April 8, 2012

Let the Zombie Post-Sugarfest Commence

Another Easter weekend has come and gone. It really is a crying shame not to have Monday off, when everyone is fried from too much sugar, too much family, too much egg salad, and in most cases, too little quality sleep. And in my case, TOO MUCH PINK!

Now that the last major holiday of the season is over, we are in full-swing testing season mode for the next month and a half. Science testing, language arts testing, 2nd round of math testing, and then NWEA vertical math and language arts testing. 

Can we really blame the kids for wanting a little sugar in their system to help stay awake tomorrow? I will have my own secret stash, pilfered from the spoils of three separate Easter egg hunts, to keep me going. And some very large cups of coffee. So then... how can we help each other in class tomorrow? Me as the teacher, and them as the students, to have a meaningful, productive day? 

Here's my plan:
-inject humor whenever possible
-2 minute nap time to start off class
-frequent brain breaks and crossing the midline
-a brand spanking new GOLF math menu!

(see if you can catch my pathetically amateur golf term gaffe...)

The best part about the math menu, that I just came up with... is the "Out of Play" section. I'm hoping the students will really like it. They get to track their own time in completing the activities, with 30 minutes = -1 point. By offering them multiple pathways to achieve similar educational outcomes, they should have an easier transition back into the world of math, away from the world of sugar.

And they get to practice integers on the way! (note the negative point totals!) 

Did you find my error yet? Check the driving range section ;)

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