Friday, November 16, 2012

Find Zombie posts easier on my Pinterest board

I have created a visual companion on Pinterest of all my blog posts back to the very first one. I find it much easier to navigate through old topics by looking at the pictures and their titles, compared to the dates listed on the right with no title information. 

Considering the explosion of re-pins from my PEMDAS foldable, this could be a gold mine! (both literally and figuratively) Yay to teacher communication :o)

And give thanks! It's almost Thanksgiving!!!

P.S. Bungee Barbie 2.1 is in motion for my 3rd hour, with version 2.2 to follow in 3 weeks or so in my 1st and 2nd hours... and then I will post some updated instructions that have made this year's experiment even MORE successful and fun than last year. Hard to believe, I know ;)

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