Monday, January 28, 2013

Zombie's Mid-Winter Crack-Ups to fight the blues

Fun fact of the day: Zombies DO get sick! I am on Day 7 of my bout with the flu. The first couple days weren't so bad, so I went to work... then the flu SLAMMED me into the wall at Conference night and I called in the next day :o(  And laid on the couch all weekend and today before finally going into the doctor this afternoon.  Doc says, "Congrats! You have a flu virus. Antibiotics won't help. If you're not feeling better IN A WEEK, come back and see me again".  Thanks Doc.

If you're as down in the dumps as I am, I figured you could use some cheering up. So here are some pointless teacher memes to make you feel better. All of the pictures are linked, so click away to pin all the originals or make your own meme. I'll warn you, it's addicting :o)  Fun to insert into lessons and Smart files just to make the kids laugh.

To Teacher: From, Students
(We are covering ratios/proportions/percents/protractors for the third year in a row, not just learned it three years ago, but still true!)

To Dumbledore: From, Ministry of Magic 

To Sci-Fi / Fantasy Cross-Over Fans Everywhere: From, LEEEEELUUUU
(For no reason whatsoever except an LOL. Corbin Dallas Multipass!!!)

To Snarky Students: From, Snarky Teacher
(Yup, I'm just that quick-whitted. And like any student nowadays says "May I")

To Test Anxiety: From, Math Students everywhere
(Just about everyone has seen this, but it still makes me LOL)

To my 2nd grade teacher: From, Ryan Gosling
(Everything's better laminated)

To Bad Student: From, Wise Parent
(Not so much an LOL, but a SO TRUE!!)

To Every Teacher Everywhere: From, Every Other Teacher
(LOL Yup, it's happened to all of us)

To Teacher Teams: From, annoyed Students & Parents
(Yup, this happens unintentionally more than it should... but welcome to life kids!)

To Math Teachers: One last "haha" for the road
(Yay! One I can finally use in my classroom!)

Cheers and Happy Tuesday everyone! Think HAPPY and HEALTHY thoughts :D


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