Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Zombie's Amazingly Easy Egg Sandwiches (no brains included)

Happy Wednesday!

I had a dual-epiphany last night that #1-I haven't shared a recipe in a while and #2-My boys beg for egg sammiches for breakfast all the time. So here you go, one recipe post that's sure to wow. Yes, "sammich" is in the Urban Dictionary so I will use it as frequently as possible. Plus it's WAY more fun to say than "sandwich" which just sounds gritty ;) 

My Egg Sammich recipe can taste as similar to, or as different from, an Egg McMuffin as you want it to. Although, if you're anywhere near a McD's, their new low-cal Egg White Delight McMuffin is absolutely divine for 250 calories. Your call... mine doesn't require you to get dressed, leave the house, or spend nearly any money at all. And it only takes about 5 minutes to make.

-Bread product of your choosing (bagels, sammich thins, English muffins, toast, etc.)
-1 egg per person (~1/4 cup per person for Egg Beaters)
-Shredded cheese (colby jack or cheddar works best)
-Meat of your choosing (we usually do precooked bacon, but ham is good too)
-Spread for your bread (I LOVE BUTTER)
-Cooking Spray (or go old school and grease your pan with BUTTER)


1. Spray your egg pan with PAM and heat to just under medium (mine is set to 4.5). I usually go with a small sauce pan because there are three of us, and I want the eggs to spread out like an omelet.

2. Crack your eggs into a small mixing bowl or measuring vessel. Since I have 3 people eating (my hubby hates eggs, so none for him!), I have three eggs. 

3. Whisk your eggs until they are nice and smooth. Don't bother adding any milk since this is more of an omelet recipe. You can see that if I had been using pourable eggs out of the carton, I'd need about 3/4 cup for the 3 of us. 

4. Pour the whisked egg mix into the pan and leave it to firm up for a good 4-5 minutes. I will sometimes spread the loose eggs on the top around or push them to the edge to help it cook faster if I'm really impatient.

 5. While the eggs are cooking, microwave your bacon or slice up your ham or canadian bacon. We go through at least 2 boxes of precooked bacon a week. It's SO easy, pretty cheap, and doesn't make your house smell a ton. Space out 1-2 slices of bacon per person between 2 paper towels, microwave for 25 seconds, and you're good to go! Only 25 calories per slice too.

 6. When the eggs are nearly set, work your spatula all the way around under the edges until you can flip the whole circle in one big motion. Cover the top immediately with shredded cheese and let the eggs cook for another minute before removing from heat. 


7. While the cheese is melting, toast and butter your bread product of choice. My boys go back and forth daily between bagels, toast, muffins, or half of each. 

These mini bagels are usually perfect for each of the boys to have two sammiches. Avery (the youngest) has wanted THREE lately! Must be going through a growth spurt.

8. Build your sammiches. If serving to adults, you may want to throw the final product in the microwave for 10-15 seconds to meld all the flavors together. 

9. Serve with fruit and a glass of milk! You've got yourself a healthy, yummy breakfast!

Calorie Breakdown per Sammich: (the way I make it)

1 light English Muffin  - 100 calories
1 tbsp light spread - 50 calories
1 egg - 70 calories
1/8 cup shredded cheese - 50 calories
1 slice bacon - 25 calories

Total: 295 calories! Boo yeah! And I used the word SAMMICH seven times! (Eight now ;)

Enjoy :o)

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