Thursday, October 20, 2011

Coordinate Graph Art : Student Edition soon to be published!

The student edition of my book is being published as we speak. I hope to have it available on in the next week. The keys have been removed, and in their place, are full-sized copies of the corresponding graph paper needed to complete each puzzle. Students will now be able to cross off coordinate pairs as they graph them, in the workbook, with no copies needing to be made by the teacher.

It is currently for sale electronically in my eStore at so check it out!

A very dear teacher friend told me that a few local schools were interested in ordering class sets, and I said, "Of the teacher book? With the keys? Why?"... and then I went, D'OH! might want to start working on a student version that a kid could keep all to themselves, that would actually justify the purchase of a class set. And maybe make me a little more money ;)

So keep an eye out on Amazon for the new title, under ISBN #978-1466455382. The free preview is available at: 

This now makes me realize, the book is set up for right-handed students... I wonder if I should write a left-handed version!?!?!? AHHHHH!

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