Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Number Systems that Rock Your World - Now Available!

There it is, in red! It's 11:38 and I literally JUST finished the Number System unit

It's  got everything. Scientific Notation, Exponent review, Binary, Hexadecimal, Octal, Conversions... a clown riding a pony, caviar buffets... and old guy swearing at Paris Hilton... sorry Stefon... we aren't going to the newest hottest night club in NYC. But close!

It's 31 pages, jam-packed with keys, guaranteed to make your students better number crunchers, and more enthusiastic about those pesky scientific notation problems that keep cropping up. And it's only $3.99! 

If there is enough interest generated, I may extend it into a full-blown 2nd book this summer, complete with graphing activities and interdisciplinary connections. 

Please, check out the new listing... download the free preview... and if you like it, buy the whole unit! 

Off to bed.... peace out.

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