Sunday, March 25, 2012

Zombie Number Systems Deadline = EPIC FAIL!

Well, gee willakers. It is 11:47 and there is NO WAY I am going to finish this mini unit before the weekend. Without turning into an actual Zombie. Maybe tomorrow? At any rate, it's nearly 20 pages. And it's awesome. Here are a couple more free previews for you to enjoy until the publish day comes.

What I actually did this weekend:

Make Zombie children Dinosaur peanut butter and jelly sammich picnic lunch (with brains).

Synch up my teacher website with a fantastic new Track & Field menu of homework choices for the week for our Rational Numbers and Measurement unit.

Take several trips to Coborn's and Walmart to buy what never seems to be enough groceries.

See the Hunger Games movie on Saturday. It was on par with Book-to-Movie quality with Harry Potter 7 and Breaking Dawn. (In my humble opinion)

Used up all 3 tissues that I brought to the theater, bawling my eyes out at various Spoiler-alert moments that I'll be nice enough not to mention. And totally knew were coming. Pathetic.

Blogged and posted random pictures about the Games all weekend long when I wasn't "working".

And lastly, made these super wonderful pages to my unit, just for you to preview! Sorry, you can't have the keys or the rest of the unit unless you want to buy the whole thing ;o)

Zombie Teachers do have to make a little money, while we continue to work without a contract for the 2012-2014 school years.... ummmm... no further comments needed. Enjoy! 'Night!  (and yes, I did make all the graphics by myself. Zombie club hands are good for something after all!)

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