Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Coordinate Graph Art for Grades 6-8: Student Work Board added

 Come visit my new pin board of student work at:

My students are really excited not only about making graph art, but about the potential for having them published on the web. I'm sticking with initials for anonymity's sake. If you have purchased my book (or want to try out the free section at my Teachers Pay Teachers site), and you'd like to add student work to my pin board, just send me a message on my Facebook page or to with your Pinterest user name and I will add you to the "users who can post on this page".

I'll be adding the Transformations section in a few weeks once students complete that unit in class. It includes the 5 Star Power puzzles at the end of the book. Check back in January for updates on this project! 

My current plan would be to make more Transformation puzzles, as I only have one or two for each skill (translation, reflection, rotation, dilation) and I'd like students to have more options and levels of difficulty to choose from. If you have any feedback or further suggestions for new graph art that you'd like to see, let me know! And Merry Christmas!!

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